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Linyi Shun Chi Machinery Co., Ltd. is located in the China-EU railway economic zone of
 China's logistics city – Linyi, Shandong.


Since the establishment of the company at 2009, it continues to promote the construction of ISO9001 quality management system, it has bold innovation, focus on long-term, and is committed to the development of automatic lamp equipment, lampshade design and mold manufacturing, now has more than 10 patents.


At 2015 the first fully automatic blow molding machine was invented successfully, and was put into the domestic and foreign markets, with virtue of product’s quality and service, it gets all customers’ praise.


 The company will benefit from the "one way all the way" policy, for Chinese and foreign customers with lighting equipments, molds, shade organic plates, lights, chassis and other accessories of one-stop service, to let Made in China, and created in China benefit more Chinese and foreign investors.

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